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As we head into the Christmas and holiday season, we at the USGTF National Office hope the upcoming weeks bring you great joy and fulfillment on both the professional and personal fronts.
The National Office will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 24-25, and also on Wednesday, January 1. As always, we look forward to serving all of your member needs.
The Winter 2020 edition of Golf Teaching Pro magazine, the official publication of the USGTF, should be arriving in mailboxes by Christmas. The magazine has received many plaudits from industry-recognized individuals, including the legendary Bob Toski, who has also written an article which will be featured in this issue. Also, a recap of the United States Golf Teachers Cup is included.
As always, we welcome member contributions to the magazine. If you would like your chance to become a published author, send your submission toinfo@usgtf.com.
Rapsodo, the creator and manufacturer of SkyTrak launch monitor, recently released a new product called the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), which gives golfers the ability to analyze their swing and receive instant feedback sent directly to their iOS device. The MLM helps the average golfer track their shots like the pros, providing advanced-level accuracy metrics like distance, ball speed, launch angle and more. Other features include:
    •   Video swing playback including shot tracer technology
    •   Auto club recognition – no need to manually choose your club; just wave it in front of your phone camera
    •   GPS satellite shot overlay
    •   Bag mapping that stores your typical distances for every club in your bag
For more information, please visit www.rapsodo.com/golf/mlm.
Golf is hard, but for a newbie (like me), it’s really hard. After 18 holes of hooks, slices, shanks, fat swings, rules, lingo, fatigue and frustration, I was physically and mentally wiped out and not having any fun. Whenever someone is learning something hard, they better get some enjoyment or they will stop trying. That’s where I was. Then, I read some great advice in Golf Teaching Promagazine: “It is better to have a smooth, free-flowing, consistent swing that is flawed than trying to think through a swing. You make adjustments afterwards to improve your shot.” That made sense to me, so now all I had to do was focus on practicing my swing.
Of course, that’s easier said than done. It’s too expensive and time-consuming to go to the range/course all the time, so I practiced in the back yard or in the park nearby. But I would get yelled at for wrecking the grass. Mats and pieces of AstroTurf were no help, because they’d get all muddy, and if I forgot them outside, I’d have a big dead patch on my lawn. So, I invented Terfy!
Terfy is a portable, flexible, lightweight protective grid that can’t kill your grass like a mat. It is extremely durable, but won’t damage your clubs. Terfy is designed to deflect the energy from a fat swing up and out of the turf, which eliminates divots and helps reduce injury and fatigue when hitting the ground hard.
Now, I get lots of practice! I hit 30 balls every day with no damage to my lawn. My wife and kids are getting into it, too. When my instructor suggests adjustments, I can quickly practice them. And when I play a round, I feel better and have confidence that at the very least I have a good chance at starting each hole with a good tee shot.
Practice makes perfect (or at least much better) … so help your students improve their drives by practicing more often anytime, anywhere with Terfy. I am looking for interested instructors who would like to be independent re-sellers of Terfy and earn 50% return.  If you would like more information, please go to the website at www.terfy.com, email Philip at pvala@crsinnovation.com, or call me at (905) 582-4690.





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