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September 20th is the deadline to enter this year’s United States Golf Teachers Cup, to be held Monday and Tuesday, October 18-19, at Revere Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas. A concurrent pro-am will be held for USGTF participants who bring an amateur partner. The entry fee of $495 per person includes two rounds of tournament golf, range balls before play, prizes, an awards ceremony and a closing luncheon. To enter, please visitwww.USGolfTeachersCup.com or call the USGTF National Office at (772) 595-6490. We look forward to seeing you at our 25th annual event!
USGTF members have achieved incredible success in the 32 years since the inception of the organization in all facets of the golf business. We have highlighted these stories over the years, and through our monthly e-newsletter, we want to give more prominence to those members who have done remarkable things with their membership and their careers.
If you would like to be featured in an upcoming e-newsletter, please SHARE YOUR STORY through our online contact page at www.USGTF.com/contact.
Last month, we announced the new World Golf Teachers Federation website was up and running. We encourage all members to visit the site, which has been updated with a modern look and feel. The website was redesigned to better reflect the unity and cooperation among the members nations of the WGTF. News about the WGTF, a member search function and a list of the WGTF’s Top 100 Teachers are some of the featured content. Please visit www.WGTF.com and see what the buzz is all about!
The United States made it a clean sweep for the golf competition in the Olympic Games recently completed in Japan. Xander Schauffele went first, capturing the gold medal at Kasumigaseki Country Club. Schauffele is a bona fide star in international golf, so his victory was no fluke. He held off some of the best competitors from around the world, including the surprising Rory Sabbatini, who captured the silver medal after shooting a blistering 61 the final round. Schauffele now has five professional wins to his credit, although many people expect he will win many more, as he is a constant presence on leaderboards, especially at major championships.
Nelly Korda then completed the gold-medal sweep when she won the women’s competition a week later. Her second-round 62 was instrumental in her victory, as silver medal winner Mone Inami was right on her heels, just one shot back after four rounds. Although Inami did not win, her silver medal was a point of pride in her home country of Japan. Korda’s win cemented her status as the best player in the women’s game as she is officially ranked #1. Her Olympics victory is her eight win in her career while playing at the highest level, and the fourth this year. Once known as Jessica Korda’s little sister, Nelly has forged her own identity and offers a bright spot for American women’s golf.
The winner of the 2019 Harvey Penick Trophy for Excellence in Golf Teaching, Bower “Bo” Harris from Knoxville, Tennessee, certainly has a lot to be proud of. A 10-year teaching veteran, Harris teaches at Williams Creek Golf Course in Knoxville, where he has helped scores of golfers lower their scores, including scholastic golfers who are achieving success. Harris also uses technology such as Foresight Sports’ GC2, Gen i1 putting monitor and Swing Catalyst. In addition to his status as a USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional, Harris also holds other certifications that have allowed him to become one of the most sought-after teachers and coaches in the Knoxville area.
He also coached four medal winners in the 2012 Special Olympics, coached high school golf and, in his words, Helps underprivileged youth, veterans, and stroke victims with discovering and cultivating a passion for golf.” Harris is married to his wife Anya and they have a son, George.
By Dillon Fay, USGTF Professional
Kauner Kay is the reigning youth boys (10-13 years old) Amateur Long Drive world champion and a three-time Utah state long drive champion. Teaching the sport of long drive is my emphasis, and Kauner is an absolute grinder! When I started working with him last June, he had a clubhead speed of 115 mph, which is incredibly fast for a kid his age. Since he began working with me, I have got him up to a new high clubhead speed of 143 mph. That is a 28 mph gain in just under a year, and he has a maximum ball speed of 195 mph! Kauner is now 15 years old and hits it farther than every PGA Tour pro, including Bryson DeChambeau.
Simply put, he is the fastest swinging teenager on planet Earth, and he would gladly put that to the test against anyone. He never misses practice and he has his eyes set on redemption this year to win both the junior boys national and world titles. Since he is so far ahead of his competition in the junior division, he is now competing against the men. In the men’s amateur division at the two PLDA (Pro Long Drivers Association) events he has competed in, he has placed 5th and 3rd (missing out on the finals by 5 yards), and had a personal record drive of 377 yards. He got to hit side-by-side and became friends with some of the biggest names in the sport such as Kyle Berkshire (2019 WLD world champion) and Justin James (2017 WLD world champion).
On the tournament-golf side of things, he had the best season of his life last year when he took 3rd in a local PGA junior championship and shot a personal record twice in competition, including a final-day 73 as a freshman at the Utah high school playoffs to help him finish individually in the top 10 in the state.
Buffalo, New York-based OnCore Golf is now a proud partner of the USGTF. Offering below-wholesale PUD pricing on golf balls to all USGTF members.
Our high-performance golf balls are engineered for golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds. A technology company at our “core,” we’re the first ball manufacturer to offer a proprietary perimeter-weighted design that results in lower drive spin rates, tighter dispersion and extended aerodynamic lift.
Our three-ball lineup includes the high-compression VERO X1, award-winning mid-compression ELIXR and low-compression AVANT 55. The VERO X1 is a technological marvel, sporting a metal-infused mantle and enhanced perimeter-weighting yielding the highest allowable velocity off the club face and increased distance for every club in the bag.
VERO X1 was tested alongside Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x and outperformed the dynamic duo in golf equipment review website Golf EQ’s driver and iron testing. It also finished atop the composite rankings with a total Golf EQ score of 372.68 versus 362.26 for ProV1 and 350.83 for ProV1x. The VERO X1 delivered 60% less side spin, resulting in significantly straighter drives.
To take advantage of this new member benefit, please contact Member Services atmember_services@usgtf.com.
By Mark Harman, USGTF Course Director
A company called Golf EQ bills itself as a “first of its kind” company. According to its website, www.golf-eq.com, Golf EQ “offers a way for golfers of all skill levels to find their best equipment for free.” By inputting some performance metrics of the equipment, a golf “eq” score is generated. The higher the scorer, the better that equipment will perform for that individual.
Golf clubs are not the only thing tested. Push carts, laser range finders, gloves, balls, etc., have all been tested. The company stressed that their overall findings are not necessarily the best for each golfer but are the best for most golfers. For example, when it comes to clubs, there is a generic survey you can take, where current and desired results are entered, as well as launch monitor data that can be entered into another screen.
Is this the wave of the future? It’s certainly an exciting innovation and one that eliminates confusion on what products work best, not only for the public at large but for each individual golfer. Once again, it’s www.golf-eq.com.





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